Electronics and Communication Engineering

IOE Questions Collection

S.No. Course Title Link Address Faculty Part
1. Computer Programming link text All I/I
2. Engineering Drawing I link text All I/I
3. Engineering Mathematics I link text All I/I
4. Basic Electrical Engineering link text BCT, BEL & BEI I/I
5. Engineering Physics link text BCT, BEL & BEI I/I
6. Digital Logic link text BEI I/I
7. Engineering Mathematics III link text All II/I
8. Control System link text BEI II/I
9. Electronic Device and Circuits link text BEI,BEL & BCT II/I
10. Engineering Electromagnetics link text BEI,BEL, BCT & BEX II/I
11. Probability & Statistics link text BEI II/I
12. Instrumentation I link text BEI II/I
13. Instrumentation II link text BEI II/I